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Linux Related Info.:

Well, this is it....my Linux page. So far it just holds a few links that I frequently use.


Debian Linux
  • Debian Linux - This is the distribution I prefer. While it may not be as easy as RedHat to install and configure, it is still fairly easy as far as Linux goes. Debian goal is to provide a Linux distribution that is entirely free. In fact, Debian is a non-profit organization. I recommend this distribution to anyone that has some prior experience with Linux. Even if you are new to Linux it is not a bad choice for your first distribution.

  • Red Hat Linux
  • Red Hat Linux - This is probably the easiest and most popular distributions of Linux available. Red Hat is a commercial company but Red Hat can still be downloaded for free but it may be a good idea to buy the commercial version of Red Hat. That way you will help Red Hat continue to support Linux development.

  • Stampede Linux
  • Stampede Linux - Stampede Linux is designed to be one of the highest performance versions of Linux. It comes with the newest versions of pretty much all major packages for Linux and it has been compiled with Pentium GCC 1.1.1 (at the time of this writing). Since Stampede is under a lot of development I would recommend this too people that are Linux experts.

  • Slackware Linux
  • Slackware Linux - Slackware is one of the oldest popular distributions of Linux. It,sort of lacks, the package management features that the other distributions here have. However, it is a very good distribution if you want to learn about Linux. It is also easy to install with only a stack of floppy disks (in case you have a notebook or an old 386 kicking around).

  • GUI

  • GNOME - Gnome is a project to design a user friendly desktop for Linux. A great idea IMHO.

  • GTK - Is the GUI toolkit used for the GNOME project.

  • RHAD
  • Red Hat Advanced Development Laboratories. - contains all kinds of information on the development Red Hat is doing for GNOME.

  • KDE
  • KDE - is another project to design a user friendly desktop for Linux. Although I greatly prefer GNOME, I thought I should include this link to keep everyone happy ;)

  • News / Updates

  • Slashdot.org - I know I linked slashdot on my main page, but it deserves a little extra attention. It is by far my favourite website. It doesn't exclusively cover Linux but it is one of its major focuses. (I highly recommend this site)

  • Freshmeat
  • Freshmeat - Covers software updates primarily for Linux. It is a fantastic resource to keep up with the continuous software updates in the open source community.

  • Applications

    * All of these applications are freely available for Linux. You can download them from the net and use them immediately.
    Wilbur the Gimp
  • Gimp - The Gimp is an incredible photo editor and manipulator for Linux. In many peoples' opinions it is much better than Adobe Photoshop for certain tasks. Definitely a good example of what open source software can produce.

  • Apache - is the Internet's most popular web server. In fact over 53% of the Internet's websites run apache. As you can guess that is a far greater percentage than any other web server. I use apache on my desktop computer to help me design sites such as this one! It is much easier (for me at least) to work on a web page locally and then UL to a server that is on the net. By using apache I can include features such as SSI's and Perl scripts without having to UL just to look at them.

  • Mozilla
  • Mozilla Mozilla is the name of the development group working on the open source Netscape. They are currently working on Netscape 5.0. It will contain the new rendering engine and as a result it will be *much* faster and smaller than Netscape 4.

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